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Indian Wells 2017 Hard2017-03-09| Points:
R128 Lost to RHB1993 8-10
Wroclaw CH 2017 Hard2017-02-27| Points:
R32 Lost to alejan_milos 4-5
Rotterdam 2017 Hard2017-02-13| Points:
QR2 Lost to Chris 84 4-4
Sofia 2017 Hard2017-02-06| Points:
R32 Lost to Taz Warrior 4-5
Quimper CH 2017 Hard2017-01-30| Points:
R32 Lost to ircoffee 4-5
Rennes CH 2017 Hard2017-01-23| Points:
R32 Lost to pjr428 3-3
Australian Open 2017 Hard2017-01-16| Points:
R128 Lost to Allez-Alejo 18-23
Auckland 2017 Hard2017-01-09| Points:
QR2 Lost to Cesar Luiz 5-8
Brisbane 2017 Hard2017-01-02| Points:
QR2 Def. StefanMilic 4-3
QR3 Def. Forever-Delayed 4-2
R32 Def. Taz Warrior 5-4
R16 Def. Randy 3-2
QF Def. Tytta!. 6-6
SF Def. Szymon 3-2
Final Def. Chilenaitor 2-1